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Forgiving abortion: Pope Francis extends power to all Roman Catholic priests

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Pope Francis has extended the power to forgive abortion to all Roman Catholic priests.

He made the announcement in an ‘apostolic letter’ after the close of the ‘Jubilee Year of Mercy.’

The power had previously been reserved for bishops or special confessors.

Archbishop Monsignor Rino Fisichella underlined that the act of abortion remains a sin in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

‘‘It helps everyone, the sin of abortion is technically an expression that includes all the people who are involved in an abortion. So from the women, to the nurse, to the doctor. So forgiveness for the sin of abortion is all-inclusive.”

He went on to add that priests will now also have the power to revoke the excommunication automatically imposed on anyone taking any part in the abortion process. (Euronews)

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