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Italian government signs deal with Whirlpool unions Featured

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Rome - Unions at appliance maker Whirlpool have signed a deal with the Italian government. Minister of Economic Development Federica Guidi and Labour Under-Secretary Teresa Bellanova signed the Whirlpool Industrial Plan for Integration of Indesit for the government.

Democratic Party MPs Giampiero Giulietti and Emanuele Lodolini said: "The agreement signed at Palazzo Chigi beween the unions and Whirlpool is historically important, and will have a major impact on the Marches and Umbrian regions. This significant agreement could not have been reached without parliamentary action, sparked by the Democratic Party enquiry, the party was the first to flag up the situation to the government, the mobilisation of the workers and social powers, the attention, helpfulness and determination of the government and the fact that the company recognised the tipping points in the industrial plan and was wise enough to retrace its steps." PD leader in the Chamber of Deputies Ettore Rosato said the signing of the Whirlpool Plan had meant closure and dismissals had been avoided. On Twitter he said: "Businesses: +38,000 between April and June, the best result for four years.
  #italiariparte". (AGI)

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