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Latin America rallies to condemn violence against women

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Tens of thousands took to the streets across Latin America to protest against the brutal rape and killing of Lucia Perez in the Argentine resort of Mar del Plata.

The 16-year-old was drugged with cocaine and cannabis before she was raped and impaled with a stake.

It was organised by a group called Not One Less to call for an end to gender violence. Protestors turned out on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and similar marches were held in Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico.

“I want to feel safe when I’m walking down the street, the same as men can,” marcher Victoria Vazquez told Reuters. “I want to be able to wear a skirt in the summer time without anybody bothering me.”

Her attackers left the teenager at a drugs rehab and she was treated for what doctors thought was an overdose. A detailed examination later revealed the true cause of her illness and subsequent death.

Prosecutor Maria Isabel Sanchez said that Perez was drugged and had suffered “inhumane sexual aggression” that triggered cardiac arrest.

“They washed her body and dressed her to make it look like an overdose,” she said.

‘She died because of the injuries she suffered from being impaled.”

Police arrested Matias Gabriel Faroias, 23, and Juan Pablo Offidani, 41 after their van, which was used to drop off Perez at the clinic, was traced.

A woman is killed once every 30 hours in Argentina, according to Permanent Assembly for Human Rights, an Argentine non-profit group.

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