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Driverless vehicles operated by Uber are back on the road in San Francisco after one of its self-driving cars crashed in Arizona.
Mercoledì, 15 Marzo 2017 17:37

Intel drives ahead with Mobileye purchase

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US microchip maker Intel is about to be the new company behind the wheel at the driverless technology firm Mobileye.
Cyber security breaches have cost Yahoo dear.
The US dollar jumped in value against other currencies and shares rose on Thursday after President Donald Trump promised what he called a “phenomenal” tax plan in the next few weeks.
Mercoledì, 08 Febbraio 2017 21:52

Trump ban hits travel to the United States

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President Trump’s temporary ban on entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries seems to be deterring people from going to the United States, according to a travel analysis company.
Lunedì, 06 Febbraio 2017 15:47

Trump to weaken banking rules

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President Donald Trump has ordered a sweeping review of the US laws brought in to regulate banks after the 2008 financial crisis.
Lunedì, 30 Gennaio 2017 20:23

Global share markets suffer a Trump slump

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The week started with a bit of a Trump slump on the stock markets.
Venerdì, 27 Gennaio 2017 13:34

The rights and wrongs of women's rights

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This edition of Business Line looks at women’s rights in Europe and beyond.
Martedì, 24 Gennaio 2017 12:35

Foxconn may build factory in the US

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Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, is considering setting up a display-panel producing plant in the United States.

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