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Tonight (October 19) could be the last chance for Donald Trump to swing the polls in his favour. The final US presidential debate is taking place in the country’s betting capital and Hillary Clinton is currently odds-on favourite to stay…
Martedì, 18 Ottobre 2016 23:40

Russia and Syria suspend strikes on Aleppo

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Russia and Syria have suspended air strikes on Aleppo, two days ahead of a planned eight-hour humanitarian pause to allow aid through to the city.
One person has been killed in an explosion at a chemical plant in Germany.
Turkey-backed Syrian rebels have begun attacking the ISIL-held village of Dabiq.
Venerdì, 14 Ottobre 2016 18:23

Israel suspends cooperation with UNESCO

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Israel has suspended cooperation with UNESCO. It follows the move by the UN’s cultural and heritage body to renew a resolution condemning Israel for restricting Muslim access to the old city in east Jerusalem.
Mercoledì, 12 Ottobre 2016 22:40

'Dozens dead' in renewed Aleppo airstrikes

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In what has been described as the heaviest bombardment in days by Russian planes, at least 50 civilians were killed in Tuesday’s air strikes on rebel-held parts of Aleppo and nearby villages, according to residents and rescue workers.
Martedì, 11 Ottobre 2016 22:36

Trump defiant as Clinton rides high in the polls

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One looks on track for the White House as the other’s campaign seems to be spiralling out of control.
Lunedì, 10 Ottobre 2016 20:14

Clinton and Trump exchange low blows

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Just when we thought the tone of the US election couldn’t get any lower, it did during the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There was no handshake. The candidates got right down to slogging it out…
The Russian parliament has voted to ratify a treaty allowing Russian troops to stay in Syria indefinitely, and making the air base in Latakia permanent. It also confers diplomatic immunity status on military personnel.

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