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Lunedì, 09 Gennaio 2017 21:01

Venezuela's Maduro hikes minimum wage by 50 percent

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolas Maduro has announced a 50 percent increase in the minimum wage in a bid to combat runaway inflation.
Anger over a petrol price hike has sparked protests and looting across Mexico.
Venerdì, 06 Gennaio 2017 21:55

New anti-Maduro challenge looms in Venezuela

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Caracas (Venezuela) - The stage is set for a fresh showdown between Venezuela’s opposition and embattled President Nicolas Maduro.
Venerdì, 06 Gennaio 2017 21:47

Peru: Tempers flare in protests over road tolls

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Tear gas has been fired in Lima, Peru, as police clashed with lorry drivers protesting at road toll charges going up.
Giovedì, 05 Gennaio 2017 16:32

Businessman Moise confirmed as new president of Haiti

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An electoral tribunal in Haiti has confirmed businessman Jovenel Moise as the country’s new president.
Manaus (Brazil) - The deadliest prison riot in Brazil in 20 years has left 56 people dead after violence spiralled out of control between two rival drugs gangs in a jail in Manaus.
Sao Paulo (Brazil) - Around 60 people have been killed in a prison riot in Brazil.
Lunedì, 02 Gennaio 2017 15:30

Protests greet 20% petrol price hike in Mexico

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Mexico City (Mexico) - Decades of government-set petrol prices are coming to an end in Mexico, and the first step of that process has seen price rises of more than 20 percent. It has also seen street protests.
In a plot-twist worthy of a telenovela, a policeman from Rio de Janeiro has confessed to murdering the Greek ambassador to Brazil, who is said to have been his lover’s husband.

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