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Martedì, 13 Giugno 2017 07:31

Puerto Ricans ask for US statehood

People in the US territory of Puerto Rico have overwhelmingly backed a referendum to become the 51st state of the US.

Published in Latin America UK

Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s Vice President Tereck El Aissami has reacted angrily to being blacklisted by the US and the imposition of financial sanctions against him after Washington accused him of being a drug trafficker.

Published in Latin America UK
Sabato, 11 Febbraio 2017 19:31

US: Trump could issue new travel ban order

US president Donald Trump says he is considering a new travel ban executive order – and it could be issued as early as next week.

Published in World UK
Mercoledì, 08 Febbraio 2017 21:52

Trump ban hits travel to the United States

President Trump’s temporary ban on entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries seems to be deterring people from going to the United States, according to a travel analysis company.

Published in Business UK
Venerdì, 27 Gennaio 2017 13:34

The rights and wrongs of women's rights

This edition of Business Line looks at women’s rights in Europe and beyond.

Published in Business UK

The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing but at the venue in Park City, Utah the Women’s March filled Main Street as Trump’s inauguration was in everybody’s minds at the weekend.

Published in Art UK

It might become the biggest protest event in US history. This Saturday, tens of thousands of people or more are supposed to take to the streets of Washington DC to join the “Women’s march”, an anti-Trump protest event supporting solidarity for minorities.

Published in People UK

Chicago (USA) - Outgoing US President Barack Obama used his last address to the nation to decry discrimination, attack the current wave of negativism in society and to tell people to “get engaged in politics”.

Published in People UK
Martedì, 10 Gennaio 2017 21:02

Obama's legacy in danger

After eight years in office -and in the face of deep opposition – Barack Obama has managed to push through controversial laws and advance his policy agenda. Now, he’s defending those causes right to the end of his mandate.

Published in Politics UK

US President Barack Obama has urged fellow Democrats to preserve his legacy-defining healthcare law.

Published in World UK

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