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Berlino (Germania) - È una giornata molto difficile. Queste le prime parole di Angela Merkel sulla strage di Berlino.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has won reelection as the leader of the Christian Democratic Union.

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President Barack Obama has debriefed the press along with Germany’s Angela Merkel following a day of talks on the US president’s farewell to Europe trip.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Britain cannot be given any special treatment after its vote to leave the European Union.

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È un Matteo Renzi decisamente insoddisfatto quello reduce dal primo summit europeo del dopo-Brexit, svoltosi a Bratislava.

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Berlin is set to vote on Sunday in Germany’s second regional elections in as many weeks and all signs are pointing to another blow for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing Germany’s businesses to hire more refugees.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Paris to meet the French President to swap notes ahead of the Bratislava summit of EU leaders, minus Britain on Friday.

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Angela Merkel has staunchly defended her policy towards migrants in a speech to the Bundestag.

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Angela Merkel has admitted she is unhappy about the results of Sunday’s regional election.

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