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The Scottish Parliament has voted to back a bid for a second referendum on independence from the UK.

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The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Parliament must be given a vote on legislation to trigger the Brexit process.

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Martedì, 17 Gennaio 2017 18:15

No soft Brexit for the UK

Britain will leave the EU’s single market when it exits the EU, putting an end to speculation that London might try to seek a “soft Brexit”.

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Phillip Hammond, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, the man in charge of the public purse has delivered his first autumn statement since taking over from George Osbourne and the premier treasury statement since the Brexit vote.

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Parliament must vote on Brexit, England’s High Court has ruled, in a major setback for the government.

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Ahead of Wednesday’s parliamentary debate on Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May faced questions on the thorny topic in the House of Commons.

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London (UK) - Boris Johnson’s appointment as the United Kingdom’s foreign minister has brought gasps of shock in diplomatic circles at home and abroad – especially in Europe.

His notoriously undiplomatic, sometimes insulting comments about other countries and their leaders have prompted some senior diplomats to respond in – for them – uncharacteristically undiplomatic language.

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London (UK) - Britain’s embattled opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will automatically be included on the ballot of Labour’s upcoming leadership contest, its National Executive Committee ruled on Tuesday.

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London (UK) - Theresa May becomes British prime minister today (July 13) succeeding David Cameron in Downing Street. But she is walking into the biggest challenge facing the country in decades, that of extricating it from the EU.

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London (UK) - Going head-to-head Home Secretary Theresa May and junior Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom will be battling it out to become the UK’s second female prime minister, after Justice Minister Michael Gove won just 46 votes in the Tory leadership contest.

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