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Singer Janet Jackson has given birth to her first child at the age of 50.

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With Debbie Reynolds’ extinguished star joining her daughter’s in the firmament, tributes have redoubled for the famous family that is marking the end of this deathly year for celebrities.

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Lunedì, 26 Dicembre 2016 18:35

Music legend George Michael dies aged 53

Singer George Michael has died aged 53, his publicist has announced.

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American actor Carrie Fisher, most notable for her role as Princess Lea in the original Star Wars trilogy, has suffered a serious heart attack.

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Giovedì, 17 Novembre 2016 20:04

Alicia Keys is "right here, right now"

Since emerging with her 2001 Grammy Award-winning debut, ‘Songs in A Minor’, Alicia Keys has built her career on piano-laden ballads and intimate content.

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American actress Tippi Hedren has claimed that British director Alfred Hitchcock sexually assaulted and harassed her when they worked together in the 1960s.

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Le Vignette di Paolo Piccione

…questo non è amore 2018”… e Pinocchio


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