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Venerdì, 30 Dicembre 2016 19:20

Cuban households test free Internet access

Some 2,000 Cuban households are getting to grips with free Internet access as part of a government-run pilot scheme in downtown Havana.

Published in Latin America UK

A 21-gun salute echoed across the Havana, as thousands of Cubans started gathering in Revolution Square to bid farewell to Fidel Castro.

Published in Latin America UK

The Iranian foreign minister and an entourage of around a hundred political and economic delegates have left Cuba for stage two of a whistlestop tour of Latin America.

Published in Latin America UK

As Fidel Castro turns 90 it is 10 years since ill health forced him to hand over power to his brother Raul, but he still revered by many in the country where he led the revolution which ended in 1959.

Published in Latin America UK

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