ANNO XIV Aprile 2020.  Direttore Umberto Calabrese

A historical reconstruction held at a Taiwanese school has caused an international outcry after students marched as Nazis complete with cardboard panzer in a Christmas parade.

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While Morocco only produces some 20 films a year, it is a prime destination for foreign directors looking for the landscapes and the technical talent at an affordable price.

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Large class sizes and long hours for Chile's teachers reflect the impact that dictatorship-era privatization policies had on education.

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Honduran university students protesting for months against the privatization of public education have criticized authorities for violently repressing and criminalizing the movement, and have urged the government to respect the agreement that was struck to end the crisis.

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It is back to school in France and, this time, with heightened security.

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A children’s charity claims hold-ups in funding mean nearly one million Syrian child refugees are going without education.

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Le Vignette di Paolo Piccione

…questo non è amore 2018”… e Pinocchio


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