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Mercoledì, 07 Settembre 2016 21:19

Hungary prepares for anti-refugee referendum

Less than one month to go before the referendum in Hungary and the streets are full with different types of billboards. The Hungarian people must answer the following question on 2nd October: “Do you want to allow the European Union to mandate the resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without the approval of the National Assembly?”

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The people of Scotland have made two recent choices in referendum votes. One, entirely theirs, saw them vote to narrowly stay part of the United Kingdom. But now the UK has dragged Scotland out of the EU, the Scots want another crack at independence so they can remain.

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Martedì, 06 Settembre 2016 21:16

UK Government hazy on Brexit

“Brexit means Brexit”. Yet two months on from the referendum and Theresa May’s government has still not revealed its intentions or its strategy for exiting the European Union.

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Martedì, 06 Settembre 2016 19:51

Eurozone Q2 growth weakens

There was only weak growth again for the eurozone economy between April and June.

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Lunedì, 05 Settembre 2016 22:50

Eurozone shoppers not scared by Brexit vote

It wasn’t exactly shop till you drop, but there was good news for eurozone retailers in July.

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Venerdì, 02 Settembre 2016 20:02

Italian economy stagnated in Q2

Rome (Italy) - It has been confirmed Italy’s economy stagnated in the period from April to June – not growing at all from the first three months of the year.

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Is Spain headed for a third election in a year? It is crunch time for acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy, as he faces a confidence vote in parliament.

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A fire at a top forensic crime lab in Brussels was probably arson aimed at destroying evidence rather than terrorism, investigators have said.

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Brussels - The issues discussed by Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande at Ventotene are "extremely topical and have topped the European Commission's agenda for some time," an EC spokesman said after Monday's three-way summit off the Italian island.

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French authorities have arrested seven people on terrorism-related offences this month, at least three of whom allegedly had specific projects planned. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve made the announcement during a meeting with his German counterpart in Paris.

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