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The United Nations has said it is deeply concerned about the plight of people who flee Mosul as fighting intensifies amid the Iraqi offensive.

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Martedì, 18 Ottobre 2016 23:40

Russia and Syria suspend strikes on Aleppo

Russia and Syria have suspended air strikes on Aleppo, two days ahead of a planned eight-hour humanitarian pause to allow aid through to the city.

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Aid convoys have reached some besieged areas of Syria where hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped.

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The UN says large amounts of humanitarian aid have still not entered Syria three days after a nationwide ceasefire came into affect.

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A week on from restoring ties, a Turkish ship has arrived in Israel with 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid bound for Gaza.

The “Lady Leyla” is carrying food, toys and clothes to hand out before the start of of Eid al-Fitr, one of Islam’s major holidays.

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