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Conflicting messages are coming from Syria, Turkey and Russia following the suspension of a ceasefire agreement between the latter two countries which was supposed to see tens of thousands of people evacuated from Aleppo to rebel-held Idlib.

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Mercoledì, 07 Dicembre 2016 23:10

Aleppo: Syrian army "seizes all of Old City"

Syrian government forces have reportedly recaptured all of Aleppo’s historic ‘Old City’, pushing the last remaining rebels there out.

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Giovedì, 24 Novembre 2016 21:36

Dozens of Shi'ite pilgrims killed in Iraq

More than 80 people, most of them Shi’ite pilgrims from Iran, have been killed in the Iraqi city of Hilla.

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Afghan officials say at least 30 people have died in a suicide bomb attack in a mosque in the capital. Some 80 people are said to have been injured, several seriously, and the death toll is expected to rise.

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In the month since an Iraqi forces-led operation began to liberate Mosul from so-called Islamic State (ISIL), more than 47,000 people have been displaced.

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The Iraqi military says around a hundred decapitated bodies have been found in a mass grave in the recently-retaken town of Hamam al-Alil. Most, they say, were reduced to skeletons.

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Lunedì, 07 Novembre 2016 16:29

Operation 'Euphrates Anger' underway in Syria

A new US-backed Kurdish and Arab offensive is underway aimed at retaking the northern city of Raqqa – ISIL’s de facto capital in Syria.

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Kurdish peshmerga forces attacked an Islamic State-held town northeast of Mosul on Monday, trying to clear a pocket of militants outside the city while Iraqi troops wage a fierce urban war with the jihadists in its eastern neighbourhoods.

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The leader of ISIL Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has expressed confidence in victory in his first message after Iraqi forces started an offensive to retake Mosul from the jihadists.

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Martedì, 01 Novembre 2016 17:00

Iraq, l'esercito entra a Mosul

Baghdad - L'esercito iracheno ha annunciato il suo ingresso a Mosul, per la prima volta dal luglio 2014, quando la seconda città irachena fu conquistata dall'Isis.

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