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Moscow (Russia) - Russian human rights groups claim 700 people have been arrested in Moscow and 900 in St Petersberg on a day
of protests against President Vladimir Putin.

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Moscow has blasted NATO’s pre-positioning of US military hardware in Poland, saying it is a threat to Russian national security, and an agressive step.

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Donald Trump has made no secret about his admiration for the Russian President, but will that lead to a concrete change in US-Russia relations?

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Putin’s, United Russia party’s landslide victory in this weekend’s parliamentary elections, where they were on track to increase their majority to 76 percent, gives Vladimir Putin a clear run at a fourth term as President if he chooses to run in 2018.

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Mercoledì, 10 Agosto 2016 00:00

Turkey / Russia : Relations on the mend

A meeting between the Russian and Turkish Presidents seems to have gone some way towards mending their bilateral relations.

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Le Vignette di Paolo Piccione

…questo non è amore 2018”… e Pinocchio


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