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Giovedì, 11 Agosto 2016 00:00

German police carry out terror raids

Police in Germany have carried out a series terror raids across the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Security measures at the Rio 2016 Olympic games are in place ahead of Friday evening’s opening ceremony.

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The German Chancellor interrupted her summer holidays to defend her open-door refugee policy following recent attacks in Germany.

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Nice (France) - The French president has sought to defuse a row over allegations government officials tried to alter a report into the Bastille Day attack in Nice.

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Ankara (Turkey) - The eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece and sought asylum on Saturday received a two month suspended sentence for entering the country illegally.The soldiers deny taking part in the failed coup attempt and claim they left Turkey for fear of mass-detention. Turkey’s extradition request and the soldier’s asylum claims are ongoing.

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Paris (France) - Critics say that it is too little too late.

After an overnight debate in France’s lower house of parliament, deputies voted early on Wednesday to extend a state of emergency nationwide for another six months.

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Sabato, 16 Luglio 2016 21:37

Can France prevent another attack?

Nice (France) - The French authorities are now faced with an enormous security challenge: how do they prevent another Nice style atrocity?

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Nice (France) – Eyewitness accounts have begun to emerge after Thursday’s terrorist attacks in Nice.

The driver of the lorry mounted the curb and accelerated into the crowd of people on the Promenade des Anglais, mowing down everyone in its path, according to one man’s account.

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Lunedì, 04 Luglio 2016 16:00

Grief and anger on the streets of Baghdad

  • More than 200 killed
  • Hundreds wounded
  • Bombers struck in busy shopping area at the end of Ramadan

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Le Vignette di Paolo Piccione

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