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Cyber security breaches have cost Yahoo dear.

Published in Business UK
Martedì, 21 Febbraio 2017 23:40

Trump denounces anti-Semitic threats in the US

Donald Trump has denounced a recent spate of anti-Semitism in the United States.

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Police in the US state of Texas say they have responded to reports of an “active shooter” situation at a hospital in Houston.

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Lunedì, 20 Febbraio 2017 19:08

Donald Trump's rocky first month

It has been a turbulent month since Donald Trump took charge as the 45th US President on the 20th January. Those who thought he was going to “settle down” once he got into the White House have had to think again. Shortly after his inaugural parade ended, Trump went directly to the Oval Office and signed his first executive order as president. He christened the Resolute Desk by signing an order to confirm General James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and another order to ‘ease the burden of Obamacare’.

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Venerdì, 17 Febbraio 2017 01:29

Tensions rise between Venezuela and the US

Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela has taken CNN in Spanish off its airways accusing the US based news channel of distorting the truth.

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Stati Uniti e Venezuela in rotta di collisione diplomatica. Si aggrava ulteriormente la crisi innescata tra i due Paesi dopo le sanzioni applicate al Vicepresidente venezuelano Tareck El Aissami, accusato di narcotraffico.

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s Vice President Tereck El Aissami has reacted angrily to being blacklisted by the US and the imposition of financial sanctions against him after Washington accused him of being a drug trafficker.

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Il Presidente venezuelano Nicolas Maduro esige le scuse degli Stati Uniti. All’indomani delle sanzioni varate da Washington contro il Vicepresidente del Venezuela Tareck El Aissami, accusato d’avere un ruolo di primo piano nel narcotraffico a livello internazionale, Maduro ha tuonato contro Washington.

Published in Venezuela

Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami has been blacklisted by the United States as a drug trafficker.

Published in Latin America UK

Caracas (Venezuela) - Il Vicepresidente del Venezuela nel mirino degli Stati Uniti. Washington ha varato una serie di sanzioni economiche nei confronti di Tareck El Aissami, numero due di Nicolas Maduro, accusato di avere un ruolo significativo nel narcotraffico a livello internazionale.

Published in Venezuela

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