ANNO XII  Marzo 2018.  Direttore Umberto Calabrese

Mercoledì, 20 Dicembre 2017 08:44
Since 1 December, the inspection vessel ‘AEGIS I’ has been patrolling in the Adriatic Sea as part of a joint deployment plan for the Mediterranean. The European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) is collaborating with Greece, Italy and Croatia who will have inspectors on board the vessel.
Mercoledì, 20 Dicembre 2017 08:40
The High Level Group of the Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism has published a new scientific opinion on ‘Food from the Oceans’. The advisers were asked to look at how more food and biomass can be obtained from the oceans in a way that does not deprive future generations of their benefits.
Mercoledì, 20 Dicembre 2017 16:41
Luxemburg.Talentierte Unternehmer und Unternehmensschmieden aus Luxemburg und der Großregion, holen Sie Ihre Kalender hervor! Am 22. März 2018 findet in Luxemburg die zweite Auflage des Startup World Cup statt.
Mercoledì, 14 Giugno 2017 09:31
Peruvian shamans have held a ritual to call on world leaders to try to achieve peace and democracy.
Mercoledì, 14 Giugno 2017 09:01
Fasten your seatbelt…they are back!
Mercoledì, 20 Dicembre 2017 08:33
The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission have reached a political agreement on a multi-annual management plan for demersal fish stocks in the North Sea. This comprehensive plan covers more than 70% of the fishing sector, sets catch limits based on science and brings decision-making closer to the fisherman.
Mercoledì, 14 Giugno 2017 08:50
There were celebrations after Emirates Team New Zealand sailed into a convincing 5-2 win against Sweden’s Artemis Racing in the Challenger final in a rainy Bermuda. The Swedes fought hard, but the Kiwis were persistently faster and more agile.

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