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From New York to LA, protests erupt against Trump's win

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Shock made way for anger, as protests erupted across America in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory.

Although Trump said he wanted to unite America in his victory speech, many fear his campaign rhetoric, in particular his threats to deport illegal immigrants and a ban on Muslims entering the country.

New York

In his hometown of New York, thousands of people gathered outside Trump Tower. Many of them argued Trump did not win, but hate, racism, misogyny and xenophobia triumphed.

“Even though we can’t really change anything and we have to accept what has happened, we want them to know that we’re pissed. This is awful. And even though we can’t change anything, it feels good to stand together with my brothers, my sisters, the people that share my beliefs and let everyone know that we are not ok with this,” one of the protesters told a reporter.

Many protests took place in Democratic bases including Portland, Oregon, Washington DC and Chicago shortly after Clinton conceded.


The last time such widespread protests greeted the news of a presidential win was in 2000, when Republican George W Bush came to power in a vote which was disputed all the way to the Supreme Court.( Joana Gill – Euronews)
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