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Domenica, 15 Gennaio 2017 18:57

Residents in eastern Mosul attempt to return to semblance of normality

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As fighting goes on between ISIL militants and Iraqi soldiers in the city of Mosul, many people in eastern districts recaptured by government forces are attempting to return to some kind of normal daily life.

Markets are back selling food as people venture out onto the streets and repairs are being carried out.

Municipal worker Ahmad Fathi said: “We’re fixing the pipes to make sure people have water, to hopefully live happily and comfortably.

“There are many broken water pipes. We’re able to get water to Tahrir (district) but the network isn’t back to normal yet. We have pipes in Sukkar (district) that are broken and we’ll keep working to get water to everyone.”

Football games are even being played, with young people returning to sports grounds.

Osama, the manager of one football pitch, told reporters: “When ISIL came here the young men slowly left. People stopped coming here.

“The (militants) had many rules. Clothes with logos were not allowed, shorts were not allowed, our beards had to be long, we would have to stand in line in the pitch. They had many rules.”

The Iraqi military, backed up by US airstrikes, is vowing to rid Mosul of ISIL militants who captured the city in 2014.

Soldiers have made big advances in the east of Mosul, with the city’s main university recently recaptured.

The rebels are still in control of the western districts, across the Tigris river, but soldiers have recaptured the eastern gates of key bridges, ahead of what could be an imminent offensive westwards. (Euronews)

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