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Brady, beer and chicken wings it's Super Bowl time

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The 51 st Super Bowl is heading to the final countdown in Houston as the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons.

Lets get the grotesque out of the way first.

It’s estimated that 325 million gallons of beer will be consumed to wash down 11.2m pounds of crisps and 1.3 billion chicken wings.

All eyes will be on the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a veteran of six Super Bowls winning four.

Brady looks ahead to number seven:“I think being to seven Super Bowls just means that I’ve been a part of seven really great football teams that have made it this far and, you know, I think we got to do our best to finish it off. And it’s going to be really tough because we’re playing a great football team.”

The Atlanta Hawks grace the Super Bowl for the second time and the relative inexperience of the Falcons is off set by coach Dan Quinn who is taking part in his third Super Bowl in four years as part of the coaching staff.

“Their offence and Tom Brady in particular for years has just functioned at a really high level. They execute better than just about everybody at their routes. They’ve had years and years of reps at that, but all that said, it still comes down to in between these white lines Sunday afternoon, us against them, battling for it all, and that’s where our focus is,” said the coach.

For the fans the fun begins early. (Euronews)

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