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Fiumicino airport back to normal after blackout Featured

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Rome - The situation at Rome's Fiumicino Airport is back to normal after the airport was hit by a blackout on Thursday morning, the National Board for Civilian Aviation (ENAC) said in a statement.

"Operations seem to have returned to what can be considered normal in this period, with some delays affecting both the traditional companies and the low-cost airlines that use the airport," ENAC announced. At least one - Spain's Vueling - postponed a flight, and Italian police intervened to restore order as some 100 passengers laid siege to a Vueling desk. "The company Vueling is normalising its service with the support of the airport management company Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), re-routing passengers and improving assistance and information," the statement continued. On Thursday, ENAC contacted the Spanish civil aviation authority and the heads of Vueling, who pledged to resolve the situation as soon as possible with targeted interventions in cooperation with ADR. Some delays are normal at this time of year, when about 140,000 passengers per day pass through Fiumicino Airport. Italian Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation Graziano Delrio has called upon ENAC and Aeroporti di Roma to discuss the recent disruptions. The minister will hold talks with ENAC chairman Vito Riggio and the president of ADR, Fabrizio Palenzona, on Aug. 4. The talks will focus on the blackout and the way the airport has handled the issue. ENAC, ADR and Alitalia will meet on Aug. 6. The president of ENAC specified: "The management of emergency situations that require immediate action by all parties involved is one thing, analysing the incidents is another. The analysis is usually done at a later time, as international regulations require, followed by possible corrections to measures that were taken and by the identification of ways to prevent similar situations". (AGI)

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