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Florida (USA) - A girl on facebook is battling the discrimination of blacks ... cats

Written by  Popo McPopo
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I will never understand why people just dump their cats and/or kittens...I read articles about how cruel and EVIL people just dump their cats on the streets orin a dumpster. There was an article I read, and I think it was by Lovemeow and there was this kitten covered in teal PAINT!!

Sad thing is, that was the only Kitten in the litter that survived...Luckily, EVERY single story I've read before has a happy ending, but not every cat may be as lucky. For example, a lot of cats, (Most of them being black) weren't adopted and had to be put to sleep because there was no room. On top of that, they have to take in even MORE because of TERRIBLE and CRUEL people dump them on the streets and other unsafe places with no food or water. People adopt pets, but realize they don't want to take care of the of such responsibility, so they choose to give their pet away to the local shelter because they are too lazy to try to find a proper home themselves and for their convenience. There ARE VERY RARE occasions to where a family or a person that honestly, REALLY can't take care of their pet, and loves them like their own family will do EVERYTHING they possibly can to find them a warm, loving home before the owner would even think, let A LONE consider taking them to a pound, or shelter. It's unfair and heartbreaking because you don't know if the poor cat will be put to sleep, or if they will ever find a happy loving home that will NEVER abondon them for whatever reason. I understand that there are people who have something that happens, and is out of their control, and have to give up their pet wether they want to or not, but try to not go through the song and dance if possible because even though it is stressful for the person, think of the pet. They will wonder where their next warm loving home is. Or, if they will be put to sleep before that goal is reached...So, always keep that in mind. Even though this counts for all cats, I am now reaching out to black cats. They are the ones that get put to sleep first, and are the least likely to be adopted. I think that is horrible because even though I believe in personal preference, this is just plain shameful! Black cats deserve the same equality as other cats! They are every bit as loving and wonderful as any other type of cat. The only difference is their fur color. I think it's really sad because people are rejecting love, loyalty, happiness, and memories because of fur color! It's like treating my parents badly because I don't like their hair color. It's the same exact thing, but applied for cats.

Moral of the story is, adopt don't shop, and don't deny happiness and love because of the color of a cat.
(If you want more info about this you can check Cole And Marmalade's FB page. Also, Follow Love Meow!)
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