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CRE5CENDO Italian rock band

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Imagine a band that was born of Led Zeppelin, was raised by The Who in the home of the Beatles, and was fed organic meals prepared by Kanye West, James Brown and Neil Young?

Meet Cre5cendo, the mind-blowing young Southern Italian rock band with a big sound, charisma, energy & lots of soul. This fresh five-man band; Gianluca Gentilesca (lead guitar), Andrea Copertino (bass), Giacomo D’Erchia (guitar), Giovanni Gasparre (drums) and Nunzio Mastrangelo (vocals) is set to take center stage with their no-holds-barred brand of Rock. Brought together by their love of Classic, Psychedelic and ‘80s Hard Rock:
Cre5cendo’s music screams with the bravado of the past and touches with the sensitivity of the present.  One listen to their cover of “Happy (from Despicable Me2)” by Pharrell Williams, into the June 2015 release of their 45rpm vinyl of Candy Girl’s Phone Number with the Saltwater Soul B-side, unlocks Cre5cendo’s unpredictability and infectious appeal- not only to their teen fans, but also the parents of these fans. And upon emerson into their original music with the upcoming release of their EP, Cre5cendo will take you on a sonic journey through songs of love, jealousy, dreams, social issues and everyday life.

Cre5cendo can easily be mistaken for an American band, but the deep swagger of Puglia, Italy is what really sets them apart. From the inquisitiveness of Giovanni, vivaciousness of Andrea, talent of Gianluca to the intensity of Giacomo and vocal character of Noono: Cre5cendo is a complete band and force to reckon with.

The youngest man of the band, Gianluca Gentilesca, started playing guitar at age of 6. He first approached it like a toy, but now it’s the very voice he expresses himself with. He’s currently in the first level of the music academy in Bari, the equivalent to 10th grade in American high school systems.
Although he’s considered a Prince of Rock Guitar, he’s inspired by jazz and if you listen closely, you can hear it in the complexity of his solos.
Next in age is bassist, Andrea Copertino who fell in love with his instrument when he was was thirteen.

This short, ongoing, powerful affair has quickly made him a great player. Inspired by Rock and Hard Rock acts like Guns N’ Roses gave him a fire focused purpose: to rock the stage, any time, any place. He’s in his last year of high school.
Giacomo D’Erchia is the band’s second guitarist, but this doesn’t make him any less important. He notes David Gilmour as his guitar hero. His sound, like his personality, is soft and clean, but piercing just when you need it most. Self-taught, music is his life blood- flowing from his heart, through his veins and into his fingers.
Giovanni Gasparre's musicianship began with piano. He was fascinated by the piano prowess of Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Elton John. But when he first saw a drum set, he heard and answered the call of his soul’s instrument. His inspiration comes from… well, almost everything. He’s a student of music, but his favorite genre is Progressive Rock- especially Dream Theater. Nunzio Mastrangelo, AKA “Noono Mas,”started singing late in his life, but once he started- it was love at first song. Always riveted by the voice of Freddie Mercury and many other great Rock vocalists, shyness paralyzed his expression. But one night, while out with friends, he was dared to sing at an open-mic.
Under normal circumstances, fear would have prevailed, but he would not have it said that he laid down on a 5 Euro bet, especially since he didn’t have any money to lose. From that night on, he’s never stopped singing, alone or with a band. Cre5cendo will embark on their first American Tour: The Revolutionary Tour, July 2015.

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