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Peace does not travel alone

Written by  Riccardo Alfonso
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From Palm Sunday to Easter we passed within seven days from the olive branch to the drama of martyrdom and the death of Jesus. In all these days the most popular word was “peace” as if we had somehow wanted to exorcise it by imagining that just to mention it, the spirits were acquitted and humanity would find its “lost paradise”.

This was not the case, obviously, and from the Gaza Strip to neighboring Syria and other regional and local conflicts, victims of public and private violence took the lion’s share. Someone from the candid and immaculate soul will have wondered why we could not pass from the words to the facts and try to find some explanation that can save goat and cabbage.
In fact, the explanation is there and we owe it entirely to the cynical logic of capitalism, to the market economy, to the greed of the shift satraps. We owe it to hypocrisy and to the falsity of those who govern us in the world. We cover the head of ashes and horrified in the face of violence of all kinds that make havoc of our neighbor but we do not go to the heart of the problem to say enough to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction increasingly sophisticated and deadly, in foraging the local ras of instruments of death for tribal and regional wars where the primacy lies in the crimes they are capable of causing. And we creatures of evil are ready to welcome them and to reverend them once they arrive in the countries of the so-called complete democracy.
This specular truth shows us with crudity the limits of a civilization deprived of its founding values ​​and which destroys the principles that we have also set for our guidance and teaching.
It is a limit that measures our inadequacy to speak of peace without adjectives: peace and freedom, peace and justice, peace and respect for our fellow men. If we can not go beyond our human misery, the word seems to remain naked as the truth and loses its very nature and meaning.

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