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Terrorism could trigger WWIII, says Italian president

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Rome - The Italian president on Wednesday warned for the risk of terrorism causing a third world war.
  "Terrorism, fed also by fanatical distortions of the faith in God, is trying to introduce the seeds of a third world war in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa," said Italian President Sergio Mattarella in his message to the Rimini Meeting, in which he appeals for unity and solidarity among peoples and cultures.

"It is our responsibility to defuse the threat," he continued. "Peace in the world will depend on the ability of the monotheistic religions to talk with each other and to understand each other." The president also pointed out that Europe has a crucial task to fulfill, "because the dialogue between the monotheistic religions can take place within our societies, which have become pluralistic and multi-ethnic." Mattarella also stressed the importance of welcoming those who seek refuge in Europe.

"The humanity that we show in welcoming desperate refugees, the intelligence with which we tackle migration, the firmness with which we fight traffickers: those of the things that will show the world the quality of life in a democracy. Democracy is exported with culture and by setting an example." The president's speech triggered a reaction from the leader of the regionalist Northern League, Matteo Salvini, who called for humanity towards Italian people as well, not just for migrants.   "Mattarella demands 'humanity' for refugees. But no humanity for Italians suffering from illegal immigrants and taxes?", Salvini wondered, in a Tweet.

The centre-left Democratic Party responded immediately, with Deputy Secretary Debora Serracchiani saying that "it is increasingly clear that Salvini is a problem for Italy when talking about the issue of immigration, not a solution. To turn against the President, or the Church or the world at large will earn Salvini and Maroni the satisfaction of making their point, but will not help the Italians in any way." (AGI)

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