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Hollande says France must be ready for more terrorism

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Paris - The country must prepare for further terrorism, President Francois Hollande told a meeting of French ambassadors in Paris on Tuesday, four days after a foiled attack on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.

The Spanish and Moroccan police have jointly arrested 14 people accused of belonging to a network of recruiters of ISIS militants. The arrests were carried out in San Martin de la Vega (Madrid) and in several Moroccan towns: Fes, Casablanca, Nador, Al Hoceima e Driouch. The European Commission plans to discuss new security measures for trains, especially high-speed trains, in a technical meeting with EU members and representatives of national railway operators that is scheduled for Sept. 11, announced EU Commission sources. The meeting is the follow-up to the failed attack on a high-speed train last Friday. The measures proposed include installing metal detectors in high-speed railway stations and video cameras on railway coaches, the sources explained. These ideas have not yet been formalised into written proposals and need to receive green light from the member states. For the time being, each country is free to introduce the security measures it prefers as there is no EU regulation on the security systems to be applied in ground transportation like the ones that regulate air and maritime transport. More security entails high costs and possible dysfunctions, which is the reason why the EU Commission calls for a "proportional" approach to avoid possible over-regulation. (AGI)

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