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Giovedì, 25 Giugno 2015 18:14

EU draft shows plan to distribute migrants

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Brussels - Heads of state plan to agree an offering of relief to Italy and Greece, by taking in 40,000 asylum seekers "in clear need of temporary protection" over a two-year period, according to the latest draft conclusions for the Summit on Immigration to be held by European Council Heads of State on Thursday and Friday.

The draft also confirms the need for "the rapid adoption by the Council of a decision setting up a temporary and exceptional mechanism to this effect." To that end, the text continues, "all Member States will agree by the end of July on the distribution of such persons." The binding number of people to be relocated and the deadline of the end of July seem therefore confirmed. The new draft also reaffirms the creation of "hotspots" in the countries at the forefront, "with the active support from Member States' experts and of EASO, Frontex and Europol to ensure the swift identification, registration and fingerprinting of migrants." This "will determine who has the right to international protection and who does not." The Commission will draft a roadmap detailing the implementation of these hotspots "by July". (AGI)

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