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Lettuce and livestock perform arabesques down on the farm

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There is moonlight in Vermont and there is classical ballet down on the farm in Vermont.

A troupe of dancers are in amongst the cows and pigs getting their tutus dirty to take ballet out of the auditorium and into the open air.

It is part of a Farm to Ballet project.

Dancer Lindsey Halman says you have to watch your step while dancing:
“We always are surprised, you know you might go to piqué, and your foot might not be exactly where you thought it was going to be like it is inside a studio or on the stage. So, there’s always the surprises of the natural surroundings and every space we’ve danced in is so different, so I think each experience is very unique. So that’s a challenge.”

There is a serious point to it all the dancers dressed as lettuce, livestock and tomatoes are telling the tale of food production.

The project aims to raise money for agriculture while widening the audience for classical ballet.

Catch Pregger is the artistic director:” “One of the most exciting things about this event is the depth of experience that it encompasses. The food that you’re eating on the farm, the beautiful farm venues that we use, the show, we really access all of our senses and bring them together into one experience and I think that becomes real powerful.”

Ballet is now part of the cycle of farm life and the dancers will return next year.

Mind the cow pats! (Euronews)

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