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John Kerry Sends Letter to Venezuela's Maduro

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Caracas (Venezuela) - The letter follows efforts in recent weeks to reduce tensions, after the US had declared Venezuela a “threat”. U.S. Foreign Minister John Kerry issued a letter on Thursday addressing how the US and Venezuela are seeking ways to strengthen the relations between both countries.

The letter released on the U.S State department website also calls for “further cooperation between our people and governments as we seek ways to improve a historically strong relationship that has endured for nearly two centuries.” The document, sent to mark the 204th anniversary of Venezuelan independence, also refers to “the strong ties of friendship, family, culture, sport, and commerce that bind us together.” It also adds that the United States and Venezuela have supported similar political causes, such as the Colombian peace process. Both countries have made efforts to reduce the tensions in recent weeks, after Washington had previously declared Venezuela represented a “threat” to the United States in order to later impose sanctions on top Venezuelan officials. (TeleSur)

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