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Business UK (204)

Staff at Eurostar will strike for seven days over two weekends this month in a long-running dispute over work life balance, the UK’s RMT union has said.
Air passengers booked to travel on Delta are experiencing a second day of delays as the airline recovers from what it says is a “major system-wide power outage”.
Mercoledì, 10 Agosto 2016 00:00

A fresh splash for Aquaculture

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In this edition of Futuris, Julián López Gómez sails to a fish farm in the west of Scotland, where around 1,000 tons of salmon are bred every year.
Martedì, 09 Agosto 2016 00:07

Green road: a testing time on Sweden's eHighway

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The first so-called ‘eHighway’ in the world is being tested in Sweden in a bid to lower greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector, according to its developers.
Lunedì, 08 Agosto 2016 00:00

Here come the drones

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Serge Rombi, Euronews:For the latest episode of Business Planet we are in Lyon, at the global headquarters of Euronews. Peter, you are going to tell us about the enormous business potential offered by the use of civilian drones.
This episode of Planet Business comes form Sofia, Bulgaria.
Sabato, 06 Agosto 2016 04:21

Hungary: summer festivals cash in

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Summer in the country means it’s time to make some money with a music festival.
Venerdì, 05 Agosto 2016 21:26

Airbus and Boeing face order challenges

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Airbus and Boeing are neck and neck in their intense battle for airliner orders according to the latest information from the two planemakers with the European company closing the gap on its US rival between January and July.
Business activity in the eurozone expanded at a slightly better than predicted pace in July.

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