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Rome (Italy) - On the 4th of December Italy votes on a series of changes to the way the country’s institutional system is structured.
Loan writedowns and bad debts, plus a lasting hangover from the financial crisis mean Italy’s banks are on the edge of a precipice. Provisions to cover liabilities on “unlikely to pay” and past due debt are less than half of…
The OECD has revised its forecasts for the global economy’s next six months up, largely on the back of Donald Trump’s planned tax cuts and infrastructure spending plans in the USA.
The man elected the next president of the United States by a mainly disgruntled, poor, white working class vote is championing Christmas.
The European Central Bank has warned of a growing risk to financial stability in the euro zone.
Phillip Hammond, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, the man in charge of the public purse has delivered his first autumn statement since taking over from George Osbourne and the premier treasury statement since the Brexit vote.
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Facebook to boost UK staff at London HQ

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The British government has hailed Facebook’s decision to expand its UK operations as “proof that business is confident” in the economy.
Janet Yellen, the head of the US central bank, has said Donald Trump’s election as US president does not change the Federal Reserve’s plans for an interest rate hike “relatively soon” to be followed by a gradual pace of increases…
A racist post about outgoing first lady first Michelle Obama has caused outrage on social media.

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