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Giovedì, 01 Settembre 2016 19:23

Brussels and Apple trade claims over Irish tax row

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The verbal sparring continues between Brussels and Apple over the 13 billion euro tax bill the European Commission has ruled it must pay to the Irish government.
Mercoledì, 31 Agosto 2016 17:11

Price gouging row: how much should those drugs cost?

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The debate over high prices for medical treatments is heating up in the United States with Canadian firm Valeant Pharmaceuticals being sued in a New York court.
The European Commission has taken a big bite out of Apple.
Lunedì, 29 Agosto 2016 21:58

Smartwatch revolution?

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What Is the future of the smartwatch?
Genoa (Italy) - Italy’s IIT, (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), in Genoa has a new humanoid member of staff. Called the R1, it was created in 16 months by a team of about 20 people including scientists, technicians and engineers led…
Giovedì, 25 Agosto 2016 16:11

Burkini sales boosted by ban, as controversy rages on

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The controversy over the body-covering swimwear for Muslim women – the burkini – is creating a business boost for its inventor.
Bill Gates – the world’s richest person – keeps getting richer.
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has said it is going to buy the US cancer drug company Medivation.
The German Economy Ministry is urging Volkswagen and two of its suppliers to quickly end a dispute that has created production delays at six plants including VW’s main factory in Wolfsburg.

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