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Martedì, 20 Dicembre 2016 22:37

A fourth term in office for Evo Morales?

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Bolivian President Evo Morales has agreed to run for a fourth term in office.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that 300 people have been arrested during protests and looting over the elimination of the country’s largest currency bill.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Police have opened fire on protesters in parts of Venezuela after looting broke out due to a severe cash crisis.
Rome (Italy) - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who won the Nobel peace prize for the deal with the FARC and opposition leader Alvaro Uribe, who rejected the agreement met with Pope Francis in the Vatican.
Chile’s Economy Minister Luis Felipe Cespedes found himself in hot water after he was presented with an inflatable sex doll at an industry dinner.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s National Assembly has taken a symbolic step by backing a motion blaming the country’s leftist president for the country’s political and economic crisis.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela has closed its border with Colombia for three days to try to stop smuggling gangs who are accused of causing economic turmoil.
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)  - An Italian tourist has been shot dead after mistakenly entering a hillside favela in Rio de Janeiro.
Gustavo Vargas, the chief executive of Bolivian charter airline LaMia, has been detained for questioning.

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