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Giovedì, 24 Novembre 2016 21:15

Magnitude 7.0 earthquake shakes Central America

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A strong, magnitude 7.0 earthquake has shaken the coast of Central America. The US Geological Survey initially rated the ‘quake at 7.2, then later downsized it.
Mercoledì, 23 Novembre 2016 21:56

Colombian government and FARC rebels' path to peace

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In September, and after four years of talks, members of the FARC rebel group unanimously agree to a peace deal with the government of Colombia.
Lunedì, 21 Novembre 2016 21:03

Shadow of Trump presidency looms large at APEC summit

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President Obama may be flying the flag for the US at this year’s APEC summit but the shadow of Donald Trump is looming large.
Demonstrators occupied Brazil´s Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday while thousands more protested in Rio in the latest wave of anti-austerity protests.
Martedì, 15 Novembre 2016 22:17

Brazil protests against scything government cuts

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Protests are taking place across Brazil to denounce government plans for scything spending cuts by both federal and state authorities.
Lunedì, 14 Novembre 2016 16:08

Colombian government and FARC strike revised peace deal

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The Colombian government and FARC rebel group have agreed new terms to end a deadly 52-year war.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Despite a hostile opening Venezuela’s political rivals appear to have made some progress in Vatican backed talks to bring stability to country that is spiralling out control.
Mexico is in turmoil as the government tries to work out what Donald Trump’s election victory will mean for its economy.
Giovedì, 10 Novembre 2016 19:24

Big cholera vaccination campaign underway in Haiti

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A massive cholera vaccination campaign has begun in hurricane-ravaged Haiti.

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