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Venerdì, 22 Luglio 2016 21:29

Six confirmed dead in Munich shopping centre shooting

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Munich (Alemania) – Six people have been confirmed dead in a shooting around the Olympia shopping centre in Munich, southern Germany, police say.
Venerdì, 22 Luglio 2016 21:23

What we know so far about the Munich shooting

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Munich (Alemania) – Several people are reported to have been shot dead in Munich, southern Germany.
Venerdì, 22 Luglio 2016 21:05

Trump promises to 'restore law and order' in America

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Cleveland (USA) - Donald Trump has pledged to bring “safety, prosperity and peace” to America, if he is elected president.
Munich (Germany) - Police have closed off a large area around the Olympia shopping centre in Munich after shots were fired, according to local police.
Ankara (Turkey) - The atmosphere on Thursday morning in Ankara, on the day Turkey’s three-month state of emergency came into effect, was more sombre than it was the previous night when thousands of President Erdogan’s supporters gathered in the main…
Cleveland – Ohio (USA) -There were angry scenes at the Republican National Convention in Ohio on Wednesday as US Senator Ted Cruz failed to endorse presidential nominee Donald Trump, ahead of November’s election showdown with Hillary Clinton.
The number of people executed around the world has reached a sobering new record. New figures released by Amnesty International show a 50 per cent rise in executions in 2015.
Kiev (Ukraine) - A well-known journalist in Ukraine has been killed by a car bomb in the capital Kyiv. Pavel Sheremet was a host on Radio Vesti and worked for the news website Ukrayinska Pravda.
Ankara (Turkey) - Turkey has stepped up its purge following Friday’s coup attempt, now targeting universities and schools. On Wednesday morning broadcaster TRT reported that the Turkish Higher Board of Education had “banned all academics” from travelling abroad.

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