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Ankara (Turkey) - President Erdogan of Turkey has told supporters that he will approve the death penalty being reintroduced if parliament votes for it.
Cleveland (USA) - Donald loved it…The crowd loved it….. But Melania Trump’s big speech to the Republican Convention in Ohio is making headlines for all the wrong reasons because, it seems, we have heard it all before – in the…
Cleveland (USA) - The Republican Party’s four day convention got off to a chaotic start after opponents of Donald Trump tried and failed to force a vote on his candidacy.
Ankara (Turkey ) - Turkey’s prime minister says he has sent evidence to the United States to support an extradition request for the exiled cleric Ankara says was behind Friday’s failed coup.
Cleveland (USA) – The Republican National Convention has kicked off in Cleveland – the theme on Day 1 ‘make America safe again’, a play on presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s slogan to make America great again.
Lunedì, 18 Luglio 2016 23:42

Four killed in Almaty ‘terrorist’ shootout

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Almaty (Kazakhstan) - At least three policemen and one civilian were killed in street shootings in Kazakhstan’s largest city Almaty on Monday (July 18), security officials said.
Cleveland (USA) – Some 50,000 people are expected in the American city of Cleveland for the Republican National Convention which should confirm Donald Trump as the party’s official candidate for November’s presidential election.
Washington (USA) – Reaction to the killing of three more police officers in Baton Rouge has been swift. US President Barack Obama immediately went on television to condemn the shootings. He also sought to balance concerns about police abuses, largely…
Lunedì, 18 Luglio 2016 21:36

EU-US warn Turkey over coup plotter purge

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Ankara (Turkey) - In Turkey, up to 8000 police officers have been removed from their posts on suspicion of being linked to Friday’s failed coup.

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