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London (UK) - Theresa May becomes British prime minister today (July 13) succeeding David Cameron in Downing Street. But she is walking into the biggest challenge facing the country in decades, that of extricating it from the EU.
Dallas (USA) – President Obama has praised Dallas police at a memorial service in the Texan city for five officers shot dead last week in the deadliest day for US law enforcement in almost 15 years.
London (UK) - Theresa May will take over from David Cameron on Wednesday and become the UK’s first female prime minister since Margaret Thatcher. Britain’s home secretary (interior minister) was left as the only candidate to be the new leader…
London (UK) - Going head-to-head Home Secretary Theresa May and junior Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom will be battling it out to become the UK’s second female prime minister, after Justice Minister Michael Gove won just 46 votes in the Tory…
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Obama condemns deadly Dallas police shootings

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Warsaw (Poland) - US President Barack Obama has reacted to the deadly shootings in Dallas during a two-day NATO summit in the Polish capital Warsaw.
Dallas (USA) - At least five police officers have been killed and seven others wounded by an unconfirmed number of snipers who opened fire during a protest in Dallas, Texas against police racial bias.
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has taken full responsibility for the British invasion of Iraq in 2003, but says he stands by the decision.
Seven men have been found guilty in France of supporting ISIL, either by recruiting or suppling logistical or other support, or by travelling to Syria for military training.
New York (USA) – A 19-year-old tourist has severely injured his left foot, after an explosion in New York’s Central Park. It is thought that he jumped off a rock and stepped on a homemade firework.

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