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Lunedì, 04 Luglio 2016 16:00

Grief and anger on the streets of Baghdad

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More than 200 killed Hundreds wounded Bombers struck in busy shopping area at the end of Ramadan
Lunedì, 04 Luglio 2016 15:53

Turkey: citizenship for Syrian refugees?

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Turkey’s president has hinted that Syrian refugees in the country could be offered citizenship. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been speaking at a dinner breaking the Ramadan fast in the border city of Kilis, where the number of refugees is higher…
London (United Kingdom) - “One of the reasons why we should keep our options open is: yes, the referendum express the will of the people, but the will of the people is entitled to change.”
London (United Kingdom) - Nigel Farage, a prominent campaigner for a UK exit from the European Union, has resigned as leader of the UKIP party.
Vladimir Putin came to Finland with a handshake for his counterpart, President Salui Niinisto – and a warning that Moscow will respond if his host country joins NATO.
Israel has sealed off the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank after an upsurge in violence. A Palestinian woman was shot dead by Israeli authorities after allegedly trying to stab an police officer.
Venerdì, 01 Luglio 2016 21:58

Gunmen storm cafe in Bangledeshi capital Dhaka

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Gunmen have stormed a cafe popular with foreigners in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. Three people including two police officers have been wounded.
What words could be sufficient to carry the historical weight of events which unfolded on June 24. A divorce from the European Union was never meant to be in the script or the implosion of the Tory Party.
Austria’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the presidential run-off election must be held again. Anti-immigration Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer – seen here on the left – was narrowly defeated in May by former Greens leader-turned-independent Alexander Van der Bellen.

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