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Venerdì, 01 Luglio 2016 20:49

EU extends sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

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The Council of the EU has extended economic sanctions targeting specific sections of the Russian economy in connection with the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.
An Israeli teenager has been stabbed to death while asleep in her own bedroom at a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, officials say.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has addressed his country’s diplomats in Moscow. In a wide raging speech Putin took aim at NATO’s decision to bolster its military presence in eastern Europe.
Boris Johnson has announced that he will not run to become UK prime minister, leaving Theresa May as the favourite to get the job. Johnson, one of the leaders of the successful campaign to pull Britain out of the EU,…
Giovedì, 30 Giugno 2016 20:30

UK: who are the Famous Five?

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The race is officially underway to choose the new leader of the UK’s governing Conservative Party – and the country’s next Prime Minister.
Martedì, 22 Settembre 2015 12:47

Tsipras commits new Greek government to debt reduction

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Athens - The day after Alexis Tsipras won in Greece for the second time in less than nine months, the prime minister has already indicated his new government's two priorities: reducing the debt with international creditors and economic stability. The…
Rome - Tourists in Rome on Friday were unable to visit the Colosseum and other major archeological sites, including the Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, and Baths of Diocletian, because of a union meeting lasting until 11:30 am..
Rome - The carnage of migrants found dead on a truck in Austria is only the last of a long series of tragedies. This time the route chosen by immigrants was not the customary one across the Mediterranean and this…
New York - American business tycoon Donald Trump, who continues to lead the race for the Republican party's U.S.   presidential nomination, has reportedly placed an offer to buy the San Lorenzo de Almagro football club in Buenos Aires, of…

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