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Hamburg (Germany) - Salvatore Girone, one of the two Italian marines involved in a shooting at sea in which two Indian fishermen were killed, is being held 'hostage' in India, said Italy in an appeal lodged at the International Tribunal…
Lunedì, 10 Agosto 2015 22:10

Five Turkish soldiers killed in targeted attack

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Istanbul - Tension is rising to peak levels in Istanbul, after Turkey was targeted by two violent attacks in only a few hours. A bomb exploded in the Sultanbeyli police station, killing five soldiers.
Rome - International law experts are to hear the case of two Italian marines accused of murdering two fishermen in India in 2012. The International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea meets in Hamburg on Monday and is likely…
Domenica, 09 Agosto 2015 17:52

Driving migrants back to sea is act of war, says Pope

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Vatican City - Repelling migrants at sea is an act of war, said Pope Francis on Friday. He was speaking after reports of "boat people" fleeing from Myanmar being driven back into the ocean.
Rome - The Italian Development Cooperation Agency is launching a new operation for the protection of the human rights of victims of war and violence in the states of Darfur, Kordofan and Blue Nile in Sudan.
Domenica, 09 Agosto 2015 17:45

Egypt's president to hold more talks with Russia

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Cairo - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is to return to Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin.
Venerdì, 07 Agosto 2015 20:20

Italy approves plan to invest 12 billion in broadband

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Rome - Italy's Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning (CIPE) on Thursday approved an important plan for the development of ultrafast Internet in Italy. "It is a real innovation for our country," said Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi after
Venerdì, 07 Agosto 2015 20:12

Russia calls for anti-terror front

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Rome - Russia has called for an anti-terror front that would unite efforts of all forces fighting terrorism on the ground, as well as countries that could assist in that struggle. Moscow questions the legitimacy of the U.S. air strikes…

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