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President Barack Obama has debriefed the press along with Germany’s Angela Merkel following a day of talks on the US president’s farewell to Europe trip.
Martedì, 15 Novembre 2016 20:17

Obama urges debt relief for Greece

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US President Barack Obama visiting Athens on Tuesday has backed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ call for a restructuring of Greek debt.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has spoken with US President-elect Donald Trump to congratulate him on his election victory and reaffirm the importance of relations between the US and China.
Domenica, 13 Novembre 2016 16:03

Anti-Donald Trump protesters vow to keep up fight

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Thousands have been out in force again in the US, to protest against President-elect Donald Trump. The man who they say is a threat to civil and human rights.
Venerdì, 11 Novembre 2016 21:22

Anti-Trump protest becomes a 'riot' in Portland, Oregon

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Demonstrators have taken to the streets across the US for a second day to vent their anger over Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.
The explosion has rocked the German consulate in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif.
Giovedì, 10 Novembre 2016 17:42

From New York to LA, protests erupt against Trump's win

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Shock made way for anger, as protests erupted across America in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory.
Mercoledì, 09 Novembre 2016 17:46

'I'll unite America and do a great job,' says Trump

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Donald Trump vows to unite America
“Today is our Independence Day. Today the American working class is going to strike back, finally.”

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