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Martedì, 25 Ottobre 2016 23:43

Venezuela's government and opposition to meet on Sunday

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s socialist government and opposition are to hold talks this coming Sunday.
Hundreds of costumed revelers joined a parade in Mexico City at the weekend , disguising themselves as the iconic Mexican skeleton figure known as “ La Catrina” or “Elegant skull”.
Venerdì, 21 Ottobre 2016 23:27

Venezuela suspends recall referendum plans

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Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s electoral authority has suspended the next phase of a recall referendum against unpopular President Nicolas Maduro.
Giovedì, 20 Ottobre 2016 23:11

Latin America rallies to condemn violence against women

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Tens of thousands took to the streets across Latin America to protest against the brutal rape and killing of Lucia Perez in the Argentine resort of Mar del Plata.
Caracas (Venezuela) - Venezuela’s state governorship elections are being carried over to next year instead of being held in December.
Martedì, 18 Ottobre 2016 23:48

Inmates killed in Brazil prison clashes

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Violent clashes at two Brazilian prisons have killed at least 18 inmates.
Caracas, (Venezuela) - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is sending his vice president, Aristóbulo Istúriz, to deliver his 2017 national budget on Friday to the troubled South American country's highest court, which ruled the opposition-controlled parliament is banned from making changes.
Venerdì, 14 Ottobre 2016 18:02

Colombia ceasefire extended as rebels attempt peace

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has agreed a ceasefire extension with Farc rebels to last until the end of the year.
Mercoledì, 12 Ottobre 2016 22:26

Argentina: thousands protest against crime and corruption

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Thousands of people have protested in Buenos Aires in anger over a perceived lack of action concerning crime and punishment for breaking the law.

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