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Turkey ordered another 47 journalists detained on Wednesday as part of a sweeping crackdown in the wake of the failed July 15 military coup.

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Istanbul (Turkey) - Prominent Turkish commentator and former politician Nazli Ilicak is among 42 journalists facing arrest after the authorities issued warrants for their detention, according to local media.

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Sabato, 23 Luglio 2016 23:52

Turkey: the crackdown intensifies

Ankara (Turkey) - The crackdown is intensifying in Turkey, following a failed coup attempt over a week ago.

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Ankara (Turkey) - The eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece and sought asylum on Saturday received a two month suspended sentence for entering the country illegally.The soldiers deny taking part in the failed coup attempt and claim they left Turkey for fear of mass-detention. Turkey’s extradition request and the soldier’s asylum claims are ongoing.

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Ankara (Turkey) - The atmosphere on Thursday morning in Ankara, on the day Turkey’s three-month state of emergency came into effect, was more sombre than it was the previous night when thousands of President Erdogan’s supporters gathered in the main square.

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Ankara (Turkey) - Turkey has stepped up its purge following Friday’s coup attempt, now targeting universities and schools.

On Wednesday morning broadcaster TRT reported that the Turkish Higher Board of Education had “banned all academics” from travelling abroad.

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Ankara (Turkey) - President Erdogan of Turkey has told supporters that he will approve the death penalty being reintroduced if parliament votes for it.

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Ankara (Turkey ) - Turkey’s prime minister says he has sent evidence to the United States to support an extradition request for the exiled cleric Ankara says was behind Friday’s failed coup.

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Lunedì, 18 Luglio 2016 21:36

EU-US warn Turkey over coup plotter purge

Ankara (Turkey) - In Turkey, up to 8000 police officers have been removed from their posts on suspicion of being linked to Friday’s failed coup.

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