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Boom delle vendite online e allestimento di punti di prossimità per il ritiro merci trascinano Ikea a vendite record. I numeri sembrano dare ragione alla strategia del colosso svedese, per evitare ai clienti la spesso scoraggiante visita nei tradizionali mega-store ai margini della città.

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The European Commission has taken a big bite out of Apple.

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The controversy over the body-covering swimwear for Muslim women – the burkini – is creating a business boost for its inventor.

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La polemica sulla tenuta da spiaggia delle donne musulmane in Francia fa bene alle vendite.

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Venerdì, 19 Agosto 2016 15:26

Govt. payment time reduced to 54 days

Rome, (Italy) - The Italian government has reduced the average time it takes to pay for goods and services it purchases from 82 days to 54 days over the past year, the economy ministry said on Friday.

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A small co-operative bank in the picturesque town of Gmund in Bavaria is turning financial norms upside down. It has decided to charge clients a fee for depositing money with them.

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Martedì, 16 Agosto 2016 15:02

Recordati drugs giant chief dies

Rome (Italy) - Giovanni Recordati, chairman and chief executive of the eponymous Italian drugs giant, died Tuesday aged 66 after a long illness.

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Lunedì, 08 Agosto 2016 00:00

Here come the drones

Serge Rombi, Euronews:For the latest episode of Business Planet we are in Lyon, at the global headquarters of Euronews. Peter, you are going to tell us about the enormous business potential offered by the use of civilian drones.

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This episode of Planet Business comes form Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Sabato, 06 Agosto 2016 04:21

Hungary: summer festivals cash in

Summer in the country means it’s time to make some money with a music festival.

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