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The awful realities of life in Syria. That is the theme in the war drama ‘Insyriated’ which was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival.

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The Kremlin has confirmed that Russian war planes have killed three Turkish soldiers in an wayward air strike in al-Bab in northern Syria.

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A month and a half after Aleppo was recaptured by the government whole streets are littered with the debris of war.

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A Syrian girl who became a global star tweeting updates from Aleppo has written an open letter to Donald Trump urging him to help the war-ravaged country.

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The decision to use chemical weapons in Syria came from the very top, that’s according to a document seen by Reuters newsagency.

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the government is ready to negotiate on everything, including his position as president.

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Venerdì, 06 Gennaio 2017 21:37

Syria: Russia begins withdrawing troops

Russia has reportedly begun a draw down of its military forces in Syria.

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Syria, Russia and Turkey have declared that a ceasefire will come into effect at midnight on Thursday in Syria – but it won’t include Islamic state or a group which once had links to al-Qaida.

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Russia, Iran, Turkey and President Bashar al-Assad have all agreed to meet in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana to try to end the conflict in Syria, President Vladimir Putin has said.

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Mercoledì, 21 Dicembre 2016 23:40

Last refugees bid farewell in the snow to Aleppo

Snow is falling in Syria, hiding the scars of war as the last refugees are evacuated from Aleppo after a day of waiting in the freezing cold because of delays.

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