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An iconic skyscraper will be one of the tallest in the world when it’s completed in the next few months.

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A tsunami warning has been lifted after a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake off the southern coast of Chile on Sunday.

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An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 has been reported off the coast of northern California, the US Geological Survey said. The readings from the USGS reported it hitting just before 7 am local time. The initial report of 6.8 magnitude was revised down to 6.5.

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Giovedì, 24 Novembre 2016 21:15

Magnitude 7.0 earthquake shakes Central America

A strong, magnitude 7.0 earthquake has shaken the coast of Central America. The US Geological Survey initially rated the ‘quake at 7.2, then later downsized it.

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Domenica, 13 Novembre 2016 16:12

Powerful earthquake hits New Zealand

A powerful earthquake has struck New Zealand’s South Island around 90 kilometres north of Christchurch.

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Rome (Italy) - A new aftershock struck central Italy on Tuesday morning, two days after the strongest earthquake in decades shook the region.

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From the sky the damage to Castelluccio di Norcia is clear: a fire service video reveals that many buildings in have been reduced to rubble. The hilltop village lies close to the epicentre of Italy’s strongest earthquake for over 35 years.

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Giovedì, 27 Ottobre 2016 18:04

Serious damage from Italy earthquakes

Rome (Italy) - Central Italy is counting the cost after it was again rocked by strong earthquakes, just two months after a quake claimed nearly 300 lives.

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Amatrice (Italy) - Pope Francis has made a surprise visit to Amatrice and other towns in central Italy devastated by an earthquake six weeks ago.

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Amatrice, (Italy) - The funerals of earthquake victims from Amatrice will be held in their Lazio village at 18:00 Tuesday after a planned move the provincial capital Rieti was nixed, Amatrice Mayor Sergio Pirozzi said after a protest by survivors.

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