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US Vice President Mike Pence pledged support for the EU and NATO on Monday, distancing himself from comments made by President Donald Trump. President Trump referred to the NATO alliance as “obsolete” on the campaign trail and backed Brexit, marking a reversal of decades of US policy. But Pence sought to ease European concerns after a weekend spent at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

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“Brexit is going to be a great thing”, Germany’s Angela Merkel is Europe’s most important leader and the lifting of sanctions against Russia could happen.

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It’s goodbye for now for 35 Russian diplomats and their families who on Thursday (December 29) were given 72 hours to leave the US.

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Venezuela's foreign minister called on Latin America to unite to defend sovereignty and development.

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French president François Hollande has spoken in Paris on the theme of democracy in the face of terrorism.

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Venerdì, 05 Agosto 2016 22:17

Turkey calls Austria 'racist'

The war of words between Austria’s Foreign minister Sebastian Kurz, and his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu has escalated – or, rather descended into ugly name-calling.

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Speaking at a rally in Virginia US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has laid out some more controversial foreign policy stances.

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The handling of a pro-Erdogan rally in Cologne over the weekend has put further strain on already tense relations between Turkey and Germany.

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