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In a plot-twist worthy of a telenovela, a policeman from Rio de Janeiro has confessed to murdering the Greek ambassador to Brazil, who is said to have been his lover’s husband.

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Queues stretched down the street outside Athens banks on Thursday, as pensioners waited to collect their Christmas bonus payments from the government.

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Giovedì, 17 Novembre 2016 19:53

Violence breaks out at Greek refugee camp

At least 50 people have been arrested on the Greek island of Chios after violence erupted at a migrant camp.

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Martedì, 15 Novembre 2016 20:17

Obama urges debt relief for Greece

US President Barack Obama visiting Athens on Tuesday has backed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ call for a restructuring of Greek debt.

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Some 3,000 migrants have been rescued in the Mediterranean over the weekend.

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Eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece after last month’s failed military coup in their homeland, say they fear execution if they are sent back.

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Ankara (Turkey) - The eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece and sought asylum on Saturday received a two month suspended sentence for entering the country illegally.The soldiers deny taking part in the failed coup attempt and claim they left Turkey for fear of mass-detention. Turkey’s extradition request and the soldier’s asylum claims are ongoing.

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Domenica, 17 Luglio 2016 22:41

Turkish soldiers seek asylum in Greece

Ankara (Turkey) - Eight Turkish officers who fled after the failed coup attempt in Turkey have claimed asylum in Greece.

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